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I’m The Dream Maker

“I am transforming the family business and I know that it is not what my parents
would want. I’m not exactly following in their footsteps: by definition,
they were “mattress industrialists”. I am not and never want to fall into this
category again. For some time, I wanted to be, intensely. When, in December
2002, I found myself at a crossroads and had to decide whether to “betray”
the family business for a prestigious job at Bosch – where I ultimately risked
becoming just a “number”— or to stay there, I chose my family company Dormiflex.
But now I feel that I must continue the work of transforming what I
inherited from my parents, and move towards a different company model that
is more appropriate to the time the economy and our sector are going through,
but also more relevant to my own inclinations: UN’IMPRESA DIGITALE,
MULTILINGUE, MULTI-PAESE.I feel that the time has come to break the deadlock and bet on the transformation
of the company according to my own dreams, according to a plan that is becoming increasingly
clear to me. The Dormiflex marathon has begun”.

Data Pubblicazione: 2020
Editore: Rubbettino
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