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World Sleep Day is an annual event, celebrated since 2008, intended as a celebration of sleep and an event that promotes awareness of important sleep-related issues, including medical, education and social issues. World Sleep Day is held annually on the Friday before the vernal equinox and this year it will be on MARCH 17th.

The event was initiated by a group of healthcare professionals and members of the medical community working in the area of ​​sleep medicine and research. The goal of World Sleep Day is to bring sleep healthcare professionals together to discuss and distribute information about sleep around the world, on an itinerant basis. World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Society – of which I am a member – and aims to reduce the burden of sleep problems on society.

This year's theme is "Sleep is Essential for Health" and the purpose of the day is to celebrate the benefits of good sleep by drawing society's attention to issues related to sleep disorders and related treatments, through better prevention and management of nocturnal disturbances, promoting prevention.

Sleep disorders affect about 13 million Italians. The main ones are insomnia which, in a more or less serious form, affects around 41% of the population, then sleep apnea syndrome, which affects around 2 million Italians, restless legs syndrome, which affects 3 million Italians, and circadian rhythm disorders. Stress, tension, panic attacks, bruxism, headaches even upon waking, drowsiness during the day and falling asleep are the fruits of a bad relationship with what is a third of our life and of the influence that a restless night has on the whole day.

On the occasion of World Sleep Day, I will hold in Santa Maria di Sala on SATURDAY MARCH 18 a course based on the elements, which if correctly known and managed, are able to improve the night, consequently the days and vital performance: relationships, affections, love; job, career, profession; physical and mental health. Studying and deepening the 5 pillars elements that make up quality sleep means: understanding sleep (what it is, what it is for, how it changes over time, how many hours it is correct to sleep); know who we are and how we are made (man, woman, child, adult or elderly, age, weight, constitution); know what our habits and behaviors are, transforming them into good habits and good behaviors to keep in order to improve our nights; know and choose the right bed system consisting of mattress, base and pillow; manage the bedroom in terms of light, noise, temperature and the absence of electrostatic and electromagnetic currents.

Better sleep depends on our choices and WORLD SLEEP DAY is an invitation to all to support and educate the world on the importance of sleep to achieve an optimal quality of life and improve overall health, because a better life simply and directly depends from a better sleep!